Negara Antah Brantah Hardware

Computer Science

Translated by: Komarudin Tasdik

Chapter 1

Computer Organization and PC’s Component

A. Computer Organization

Computer is from word “to compute” means numerator. In fact today, computer is not only useful as a numerator tool but its function extended.

Ways of working of a computer can be described simply in block diagram. (Look at the book). Generally, each part can be explained as follow:

a. Input Device

Input device is tools what are used to enter data or command into a computer. For example: keyboard, mouse, and scanner. Shape of scanner is flatbed scanner and scanner. Scanner technology:

1.      Resolution (optical resolution, true resolution): 300 x 600, 9600, 1200 dpi, dst

2.      Scanner mechanism: three pass, one/single pass

3.      Color depth: 24 bit, 36 bit

4.      OCR and software: to read digital image that is drilled as text, so it can be edited directly in a computer by word processor software.

a)    trackball

b)   digitizer

c)    camera

d)   mic

e)    other interface (example: sensor)

b. Output Device

to be continued

Original title: Bab 1 Organisasi Komputer dan Komponen PC

Source: Daryanto. 2003. Pengetahuan Ilmu Komputer. Bandung: Yrama Widya


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