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Definition of Information System

My articles about computer include:

1. Definition of Information System

2. Stages of e-Government According to Survey of UN 2012


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Definition of Learning Plan and Teaching Plan

Alhmadulillah, in this week I can publish article about education with topics:

1. Definition of Learning Plan and Teaching Plan

2. Education Reformation


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What is Learning-Teaching Strategy?

The main point of Learning-Teaching Strategy is a teacher must be creative to apply appropriate strategies according existing theory by paying attention condition of students in a class. So, a teacher must be clever to choose correct strategy for his/her students. Read More

Difference between Information System and Information Technology

In a computer dictionary stated that Information System is some system in an organization that unites need of daily transaction processing, supporting of operation, have characteristics of managerial, and strategy activities of an organization and providing certain external sides with needed reports. Read More


In short world, so many people of Indonesian (include pesantren) hate terrorism action. The terrorists use mistaken jihad concept. Jihad means holy war, but the practice must be based on Muslim scholars’ consideration first. Beside it, many Indonesian Muslims are also afraid with terrorism. I hope we can get solution for this mistaken action.


The limited situation for Muslim is usually happened in a country where Muslim as the minority. But I find information, in some countries, such as America or Europe, Muslim begin get more comfortable treatments than before.


But I get the simple impact of the method, it can give positive impact because student will be minimized to make mistake when translating because after translating by word, usually a teacher will explain it more clearly. While the negative impact is a student will not have more creative method, because of only waiting translation from his/her teacher, not try to use a dictionary or other media.


Muhammadiyah and Persis relatively have more organized management, not so NU. It more focuses how to socialize its program to some people. Contribution of NU in a society can be seen that so many people do worship according to NU’s ways, whereas they don’t know what NU is, exactly. Even, they don’t realize that have done worship according NU’s understanding. This case is a unique thing of religious life in Indonesia country.


In Indonesia, Islamic education system has very important role since building the independence. The system has two types, formal education and non-formal education. Formal education is Islamic school that its student has legal acknowledgment of government. Non-formal education is Islamic school that its student has legal acknowledgment of people. One more, the formal students will receive diploma of government, not so with non-formal students.


After massive ban done by Google Adsense in Indonesia, there are alternative PPC providers that offer almost same payment with Adsense. I ever read more than three alternatives. They are recommended by many bloggers.


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