Translator: Komarudin Tasdik

Source: Luqman A.R. Diab.Kolonel Muammar al-GadhafiSeorang Penulis dan Pemikir.“Buku Hijau” Salah SatuKarya Besarnya.

Some kinds of books have been read             by Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi, among others his favorite books are “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, the work of Harriet Becham Stowe; “Roots”, the work of Alex Haley; and “The Outsider”, the work of Colin Wilson. Many people don’t know that Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi is a writer. His writings were published and translated into English among others 1. “The Village, the Village, the Earth, and the Suicide of the Astronout” (Desa, Desa, Bumi, dan Bunuh Diri Astronot.  2. “Escape to Hell and Other Stories” (Menghindari Neraka dan Cerita Lainnya).  3. “Nations Led by Satan” (Bangsa-Bangsa yang Dipimpin Setan). The main work of all his writing is “The Green Book” because this book constitutes a guide for Libyan people toward Islam Socialism. While for the country functionary, journalist and foreign entrepreneurs who will take a business relationship with Libya, “The Green Book” is important to be read because this Jamahiriya (Mass Country) has unique rules and different from other countries.

Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi want to prove that Islam religion is able to regulate a country in this modern era. Therefore, he dedicated his writing to the world in form of al-Kitab al-Akhdar (the Green Book) published in 54 languages, explaining about 1. “Problem Solving for Democracy”, 2. “Solution for Economy-Socialism”, 3. “Third World Theory Social Basis”. To incarnate people authority in Libya, first of all people are divided into some basic people congress (al-Mu’tamar al-assasie) and every basic congress build its self secretariat. From amount of the congress secretariat is built some non-basic people congress in municipality level. Then, basic people congress mass elect administrative people committees to replace role of government administration. Every adult citizen must be a member of the people congress and from his position and work aspect comes from some profession group. Some cases are discussed by Basic People Congress in annual meeting in National People Congress located at Tripoli. According to Colonel Gadhafi, democracy system in the world now, legal controller to government party is Legislative Assembly (Indonesia: DPR) which is most of the members are consisting of members of government party. It means Legislative Assembly, parties and general election are a scenario to deceive people. Laws what are not mad based on religion and tradition are people creation to against other people. But generally people around the world now are instructed to obey laws of changeable people creation or dispersed because of battle for power among government functionaries. Problem solving for “Socialism” economy, in “the Green Book” stated by Colonel Gadhafi that every individual must be independent by fulfilling his vital needs. They are forbidden to have earth or hous beyond his need so that other people who need it can get it. Even to get profit by trading or renting is forbidden too because earth is possession of its manager (pengelola) and a house is property of its inhabitant. Remunerated worker is modern bondage, their position must be replaced by together business and result dividing (bagi hasil) according to Islam religion.

Since al-Fateh revolution launched, Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi always stands on al-Quran and strong faith to Allah SWT. Third world theory in “the Green Book” in essence as an open refusal on capitalism and communism constitutes “a third way) that apply social justice based on socialism, nationalism that refers to freedom, one religion contains moral values and general rules as logical and natural result from a revolution. Politically, third theory in “the Green Book” tends to have meaning as positive neutrality, neutral and live in contiguous with a peace.

Complaint toward every kind of western culture is guessed mirror of Libya Arabian injury colonized some nations for hundreds years. “Just you, the Western who were fault. Even since a thousand years ago you assassinated us. Also yesterday and now!” said Colonel Muammar al-Gadhafi answered questions of well known journalist Oriana Fallaci, 1979 about revolution. Face-to-face style with people actually is planted in Colonel al-Gadhafi’s hearth, which is never lifted form his Bedouin root. In fact, he continues it with culture revolution removing representation system in a state structure. According Colonel al-Gadhafi, United States that apply capitalism system turn out to be driven by 400 super rich families that have authority most of asset in the country. They are feudal community determining fate of their company and employee. Libya has ended feudal authority, capitalist and given existing prosperity for all people to be enjoyed together. “Conflict among religion adherent and ethnics, individual enmity and so on can be handled by world society when created a justice based on al-Kitab al-Akhdar (the Green Book)”, said Gadhafi.



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