Six Foreign Languages are Often Learnt by Indonesian

Six Foreign Languages are Often Learnt by Indonesian

by: Komarudin Tasdik

Role of foreign language is very important, especially English. Because it is an international language number one. So, there are people either young one or old one want to fight in understanding the language, from elementary school until university level. By understanding English or other foreign language can make the learners have wide chances to get some better jobs or scholarship, in Indonesian or go to other advanced countries, such as Japanese, USA, Germany, French, China, Egypt or others. One of English skill requirement for studying abroad is to understand TOEFL. And to get better job abroad must get good TOEIC score. This is a standard of English that is often required by companies or universities.

Beside English, there are many Indonesian people who learn Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, German, and French. They can be learnt in formal institution or informal institution. In formal institutions, they are learnt from senior high school until university level as language departments. Moreover, Arabic is learnt since elementary school (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah/Islamic school) until university level. While informal institutions teach their learners of the languages in course institution with some accelerated programs to solve some problems in understanding them and to make us can understand them easily and quickly. The term “easy” and “quick” can interest people to learn language there. In this case, Arabic has more opened chance to be learnt, because it can be learnt in school and course institution, it also can be understood in some boarding school (Islamic school), such as Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (elementary school), Madrasah Tsanawiyah (junior high school), Madrasah Aliyah (Senior Hight School), and al-Jaami’ah (university). So, there are possibilities and easiness if we want to understand six of them, either one by one or simultaneously. The very important is willingness as a power source to fight.

For illustration about words of the foreign languages, here will be written some words in German and French, while expression of Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin can be found on each link in this blog (find them on left side of this blog).

Example of German:


  1. ich habe: Ich habe eine schwarze Augen (I have black eyes)
  2. du hast: Du hast einen roten Wagen (You have a red car)
  3. er/sie/es hat: Sie hat blaue Augen (She has blue eyes)
  4. wir haben: Wir haben kein Geld (We don’t have money)
  5. ihr habt: Ihr habt keine Chance (You don’t have a chance)
  6. sie haben: Sie haben eine tolle Idee (They have a good idea).

Reference: Blog Dasar Bahasa Jerman

Example of French:


  1. S’il vous plaît: Please
  2. Merci (beaucoup): Thank you (very much)
  3. De rien: You are welcome
  4. Pas de quoi: No problem
  5. Je t’en prie: You are welcome
  6. Je vous en prie: You are welcome

Reference: Wikibooks


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